• 德州公共事业委员会(PUC)要求和记APP官网电力和记APP官网(EPE)每四年提交一次费率案例审查(上一次费率案例是12月18日), 2017)
  • EPE于2021年6月1日向PUC提交了德州费率审查报告
  • A rate case is the regulatory process that all public utilities must follow to formally change their rates
  • The rate filing is backwards looking; meaning that the investments that we have made have already been in use by customers and a rate review is the process for recovering those investments
  • 和记APP官网将不被允许从EPE的任何投资中收回,除非PUC认为这是一项谨慎和必要的支出
  • EPE要求40美元.900万年 in capital and operations and maintenance investments to address continuous customer and energy usage growth
  • 自2017年以来,EPE已向其基础设施投资近10亿美元:
    • 地理分布: $363.100万年
    • 传输: $114.600万年
    • 加州佛: $182.200万年
    • 当地的一代: $178.500万年
    • 技术/系统: $114.900万年
    • 总: $953.300万年
  • The regulatory process can take anywhere from six months to a year to reach a final approved decision
  • 尽管EPE申请/提议收回40美元.900万年, the outcome will be determined by the PUC experts who closely review the request
    • 提交:
    • New investments will allow for EPE to better monitor, analyze, and optimize the grid
    • 新客户关怀 & Billing Web Portal to all customers to manage their account and report problems more easily
    • Joining the Energy Imbalance Market that increases reliability and enhances EPE’s use of Renewable Energy
    • 解决服务区域内的额外增长和基础设施的必要替换,以确保可靠的服务
    • Elimination of the minimum bill for those DG customers who have elected the demand charge time of day rate
    • 将所有非祖父式分布式发电(DG)住宅和小型商业客户的最低账单降低到最低, 从现在的30美元涨到24美元.02年和25美元.19日分别
    • 返回大约2美元.在接下来的四年里,超过500万的递延税将会支付给客户
    • 推出一项新计划,支持部署电动汽车充电站,以确保和记APP官网的地区为向电动汽车过渡做好准备
    • 更多的信息在 http://mpf.analog-guy.com/texas-rate-case
    • 和记APP官网市暂停收费.22.21):
    • 暂停费率是费率案的第一步
    • This action allows for rates to be suspended for 90 days and that allows for municipalities to review the filing
    • 和记APP官网电力和记APP官网将这段时间视为与和记APP官网市和所有其他各方合作的机会
    • 和记APP官网服务区域内的所有德州市政当局都将采取类似的行动
    • 非营利性捐款/捐赠包括在费率申报中:
    • 与捐款有关的费用是PUC批准的费用
    • 经过进一步检查, we have decided to remove this request from the filing during the regulatory process
    • We remain committed to providing contributions to organizations throughout our service area
    • It is important to remember that our shareh老 gave $100 million for economic development and that
    • 欲了解更多关于社区捐赠的信息,请访问

  • 先进或智能表系统是下一代数字, electric meters that wirelessly send regular meter readings to your energy provider in a safe, 安全, 和自动方式.
  • 这提供了更准确的计费, 更好的电能质量和可靠性, 更好地了解你的能源使用情况,控制你的账单
  • 智能电表系统是发展智能社区的第一步, 比如智能路灯和交通管理控制


  • 加强客户服务-所收集的先进数据可协助和记APP官网的客户服务代表加快及更有效地处理客户的帐单问题和关注
  • 更快的恢复——可以精确定位故障位置和问题, 允许更快的电力恢复和更多的防止停电
  • Cost controls – Manage costs with online access to customized usage analytics; set up high-bill alerts and get personalized tips to help to avoid them
  • Remote meter reading and activation – Advanced meters can be read and controlled remotely, meaning no more waiting for estimated bills or meter readers and easier service activation or transfer
  • 提高你的能量-详细, 接近实时的使用信息可以让你更好地控制你的能源使用, down to 15-minute increments that show you what times of day you use the most energy
  • mpf.analog-guy.com/ams

  • 纽曼6单元的建议和开发将满足客户日益增长的能源需求,并允许EPE提供客户期望的可靠性. 重要的是, 新的机组将允许未来更昂贵的退役, 老, 效率和可靠性较低的发电机组
  • 纽曼单元6只是和记APP官网未来一代产品组合的一部分,它仍然是所有和记APP官网电气(EPE)客户现在和未来的关键资源
    • 空气许可证
    • 纽曼6号机组将配备最先进的空气污染控制系统,与旧机组相比,减少臭氧前体排放95%
    • 纽曼6号机组的更高效率每年减少了6亿加仑的天然气消耗和水消耗
    • EPE正在继续通过纽曼6单元的空气许可证审批程序,并支持许可证申请的优点. EPE will continue to meet all regulatory requirements and work with all parties to do so

凯利一个. Tomblin, 和记APP官网电气和记APP官网总裁兼首席执行官, issues a statement regarding the 2020 Rate Case Order issued today by the New Mexico Public Regulation Commission:

“和记APP官网对新墨西哥公共监管委员会(PRC)今天发布的命令感到非常失望,该命令涉及和记APP官网在2020年提交的费率案件,该案件本应审查新墨西哥对1美元的责任.2015年以来,EPE累计投资20亿美元. 在长达一年多的诉讼之后, the PRC issued a decision which is not in the best interests of our customers.

在这个顺序中,和记APP官网发现有三个主要的决定令人不安. 第一个, with New Mexico recently implementing some of the most aggressive clean energy goals in the country, 令人担忧的是,中国不允许EPE利用和回收现有的无碳发电资产,以服务于和记APP官网的新墨西哥客户. 第二个, the order does not allow EPE to recover the full cost of salaries and benefits for our employees, 哪些与标准监管框架不一致, 包括新墨西哥州以前的病例. 最后, 中国的命令降低了EPE的允许股本回报率, 导致其成为美国所有公用事业中最低的之一, severely limiting the extent to which EPE can reasonably invest its capital in New Mexico.

中国的这一命令让EPE别无选择,只能立即向新墨西哥最高法院提起上诉,并可能要求EPE明年再提起另一宗费率案, a costly and administrative burden which will also delay EPE’s plans for investment in New Mexico. It is unfortunate that we need to take action that extends this case even longer, 但有必要让EPE获得公平的监管待遇,以促进对和记APP官网新墨西哥客户应得的清洁和可靠服务的投资.”

  • Set your thermostat at 78°F or higher - every degree of extra cooling will increase energy usage six to eight percent
    • 如果离开超过4个小时,将恒温器调到80华氏度或更高
  • 将高耗能电器的使用时间限制在4到8小时之间.M(做饭、洗衣服、洗碗)
  • Close interior blinds, drapes, or shades to block the sun and heat during warm weather
  • 使用吊扇和便携式风扇使冷却的空气流通
  • 在空调机组或冷凝器外面遮阳
  • 考虑用晾衣绳代替干衣机

  • 和记体育官网首页 (EPE) is experiencing three main factors which could lead to outages, 这些包括:
    • Sustained hot weather; Customer and load growth in our region; Aging infrastructure at the distribution level (wires/cables and transformers) that EPE is addressing
  • 中断 are expected to occur; sustained heat strains our grid and outages typically happen at substations and distribution
    • 连续的三位数天气意味着还有额外的, consecutive demand for energy as customers are relying on their A/C to stay cool
  • 打电话给和记APP官网是很重要的,这样和记APP官网就可以迅速派出工作人员(智能仪表将通过更快地发现问题来自动化修复过程)
  • It is important to not panic; once reported, 工作人员将尽快安全地恢复电力供应
  • 和记体育官网首页’s outage map is key to see impacted areas – Estimated Times for Restoration (ETR) are also provided. (If legend displays red bar, we are in a Multiple Outage Event and ETRs will not be available)
  • EPE的目标是最大限度地减少停机次数,和记APP官网正在致力于实现技术(智能计量/高级计量系统),以帮助和记APP官网实现这一目标.
  • 和记APP官网电力和记APP官网一贯如此 可靠性在德州排名第一

  • 和记APP官网电力和记APP官网建议客户回顾一下去年这个时候他们账单上的能源使用情况,考虑一下今年夏天可以做些什么不同的事情来降低他们的能源使用
  • 能源账单的激增与炎热的天气有关,因为空调系统的工作强度更大,以使家庭更舒适, 就需要更多的能量
  • 客户’ electric bills are directly impacted by the amount of energy they use during their billing cycle, 这意味着他们消耗的能量越多,他们的账单就越高
  • 和记APP官网电力和记APP官网一贯如此 sharing energy saving tips with customers to help them lower their usage and bills, 在社交媒体上关注和记APP官网(脸谱网, Instagram, 推特)或访问analog-guy.com
  • 客户为提高能源效率和节约能源而采取的任何措施,都可以帮助他们减少能源的使用和他们的账单, especially when the temperatures in our region rise during the summer season

  • 决定在屋顶安装太阳能是客户的选择
  • 和记APP官网建议客户阅读合同上的细则,理解购买和租赁的区别
  • If there are any statements made that they will no longer receive an EPE bill, 在签订合同之前,他们应该先和和记APP官网联系
  • 和记APP官网经常听到客户被告知,如果他们安装了太阳能电池板,他们将“离开电网”,但通常情况下不是这样
  • A residential customer guide to solar power can be found on our website at epelectric.通过搜索屋顶太阳能或发送以下链接: http://mpf.analog-guy.com/renewables-tech/distributedgeneration/residential-consumer-guide-to-solar-power

  • 目前,和记APP官网预计德州其他地区不会出现同样的问题. 和记APP官网总是鼓励和记APP官网的客户尽可能节约能源,这样他们就可以节省他们的账单,并帮助减少在白天的高峰需求期间对电网的压力. 如果这种情况改变, 和记APP官网将通过包括媒体在内的正式公告通知和记APP官网的客户.